What are the Ab Machines that Work

Everyone wants a well toned body with six pack abs. They are also ready to go to any lengths to achieve it. What follows is either a strict diet regimen or routine that is posted on online sites or other sources.

What people do not realize is that in order to achieve six-pack abs, you need a specialized exercise routine or machines that can help you tone the stomach muscles.

To start with, people have to take into consideration their age and health before getting started with the exercise routine. Secondly, both a disciplined diet routine and target exercises are necessary to achieve a six-pack.

There are several ab machines that claim to do wonders for your body. Though all of these machines claim that they can help individuals develop six-pack abs in 2 weeks or so, consumers might get disappointed by some of these products. This article can help you select an ab machine that works and helps you develop a six-pack body.

List of Ab Machines that Work

Having an ab machine at your convenience can really make a difference. For those who do not have the means of going to a gym or working with trainers, these ab machines can help them do the exercises at home and help achieve a six-pack body. Also, buying a machine for home use can motivate you to work out.

Working out alone at the gym can be very boring and people may not know how to use the machine without help from a trainer. Having a machine with instructions is more convenient, and people can also do the exercises in the convenience of their homes. Some of the effective ab machines are listed below:

Abdominal Bench

This machine can be placed on the floor, and it allows the user to work the muscles of the back and stomach by allowing him/her to move the foot grips.

Ab Lounger

This machine is shaped like a chair and has handles that can be adjusted and is also equipped with foot straps. These handles and straps are moved in order to exercise the abs and thighs.

Ab Wheel


This machine is more conventional and is wheel-shaped. The handles attached to the wheel is rolled back and forth in order to work the different muscles of the shoulder, stomach, arms, back, and other muscles.


Exercise Chair


The exercise chair, as the name suggests, is chair-shaped with a cushion attached to it. The user can sit on the chair and move his/her legs from side to side, thus working the abs and obliques.

Swiss ball

This is one of the cheaper machines available and helps work the core muscles of the body and improve the posture of the body. It helps develop a flat stomach because of the nature of the exercise, which works on the same principle as crunches.

Ab Machines – Do They Really Work?

There are several factors that determine whether you can achieve your ideal weight and a flat tummy. Ab machines do not perform miracles. It can help you tone the muscle in your body and flatten your tummy only if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, eating a balanced diet and following regular cardio exercises is also important for you to achieve this goal. If you have a lot of flab around your tummy, you have to first concentrate on burning that fatand then proceed toward ab exercises.

People who are in a hurry to achieve a six-pack body may get disappointed very quickly because of the inability to achieve six packs. This may not be due to the machine, but due their lifestyle and inability to stick to a strict diet and exercise regimen. In order to remain fit, one has to plan out a balanced diet and exercise routine that burns fat and tones the muscles.

Ab machines can help tone both the upper and lower body. If you want a six-pack body, you must be consistent in your routine and keep working on it till you actually achieve the kind of body you want.

The same goes for maintaining a six–pack. A healthy body is not attained in one day, and it requires a permanent change in a person’s lifestyle.