Upper Ab Exercises

People are very conscious about their weight these days. They not only want to look fit, but also want to maintain a well toned body.

Although there are exercises that target specific areas of the body like the upper and lower abdominals, in order to remain fit, one needs to perform this in combination with aerobics or other cardiovascular exercises to get the maximum benefit.

You need the right approach and exercise routineif you want to remain fit. Without the necessary warm up sessions, muscle exercises do not yield the desired effect. Similarly, cardiovascular exercises alone do not help achieve the toned body that most people aspire to have.

The answer lies in the combination of both in such a way that the whole body is toned. This article focuses on the upper ab exercises that concentrate on the abdominal muscles, making your tummy look flat. It is the beginning of developing a six-pack body.

Abdominal muscles are categorized into upper and lower abs. Although the exercises meant for these areas tone these particular muscles, these exercises can also have an effect on other areas as well.

Beginners are recommended to start off with the basic exercises without using weights, and they can slowly build resistance by using weights or other modes of resistance.

The Correct Way of Doing Upper Ab Exercises


There are certain points that you need to keep in mind while doing these exercises. The first is that you should hold the exercise position for a few seconds before releasing it. Secondly, before starting the exercise, practice holding your core muscles tight so that the resistance level increases and the abs get properly toned as well.

Abdominal Crunches

Maintain tight core muscles while doing this exercise. Lie flat on the back and raise your knees so that that your legs are perpendicular to the body and your feet are placed flat on the ground. Place your hands behind your head such that your fingers are interlaced.

Now lift your shoulders a little and bring your head close to your knees. Lower your head and repeat the exercise. To maintain effective resistance, do not place your shoulders on the floor till the exercise is complete so that your abs are tight throughout the exercise regime.

Oblique Crunch

Both men and women find this exercise very effective to work their abs. This exercise is good for toning the obliques as well as the upper abs. Lie down flat on the floor and put your hands behind the neck region.

Raise your legs so that your knees are raised and feet are flat on the floor. Raise the left leg so that your left ankle touches the right knee. Now raise and twist your body so that that your left elbow touches your right knee. Repeat this motion and then switch sides to do the same for the other side.

Long Arm Crunch

This exercise is considered to be good for women and can be easily done at home. Lie on your back with your feet on the floor. Raise your arms from the back of the head slowly upwards and raise your head and shoulders towards the knee. Women have to be careful not to put too much strain on their neck while doing this exercise. For beginners, it may be easy to do this exercise with their hands placed under the head.

Sit Ups

This exercise is done with the legs kept straight. Lie on your back and place your hands behind the head, fingers interlaced. Now lift your head and shoulders up slowly and sit straight. Come down slowly and repeat this exercise. This exercise can be made more challenging by not allowing your shoulders to touch the floor every time you repeat the exercise.

Vertical Leg Crunch

This exercise works the same areas as the abdominal crunches, but instead of bending the legs at the knees, the legs are held extended in the air with the ankles crossed.

These exercises can also be done with the medicine ball. The only thing you have to be careful about is that the ball should remain stable during the crunches. Also, it is a good idea to do some warm up exercise before working the muscles of the abdomen.