The Slim Girls Box of Secrets Review

Slim Girls Box of Secrets

If you are looking for a diet that does not restrict you to a specific set of foods, then the Slim Girls Box of Secrets is just the program for you.

Instead of telling you what to eat and what not to eat, the plan focuses on reframing your mind in such a way that you do not feel the urge to binge eat. If used correctly, it results in effective weight loss and also helps you maintain your goal weight.

Before you make up your mind about getting started on the Slim Girls Box of Secrets, you would do well to know more about its pros and cons:


  • No restrictions; allows many foods that you relish and like to eat
  • Provides a permanent solution- no more yo-yo dieting
  • No intense exercising; recommends light exercises
  • No calorie counting or figuring out the protein, carbohydrate, or fat content of meals
  • Easy to follow even if you do not have strong willpower
  • Contains adequate tips to help you maintain your ideal weight
  • Has the capability of yielding quick results
  • The diet does not have an adverse effect on metabolism, i.e. it does not slow down the metabolic rate
  • Avoids diet pills and supplements


  • Uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which works only if you are receptive and open to the idea
  • Regardless of the reframing of the mind, you are still required to figure out which foods are healthy and which ones you must avoid


This is a diet for those who cannot control themselves and are prone to overeating or binge eating. The diet effectively helps you lose weight by controlling your eating habits.

Diet modifications for losing weight requires you to do more than just knowing what are the right foods to eat; it is equally important not to overeat and eat only what you need, and the Slim Girls Box of Secrets program teaches you exactly how to accomplish that.

Hone your Mind and Make Healthy Food Choices

While controlling the amount of food you eat is all very good, it is also equally, if not more, important to know about healthy foods and the choices you need to make. That translates into a situation where the success of the program depends on prior knowledge of what goes into making a healthy, nutritional, and balanced diet.

It is here that Slim Girls Box of Secrets fails miserably, as it contains very little information on healthy food choices. While you may be able to control your urge to overeat, you are on your own as far as choosing what you should eat is concerned.

However, the program teaches you how to lead a life that is conducive to weight maintenance.

If you want to buy the Slim Girls Box of Secrets program right away, you can do so at its official website