The Real Truth behind Carbs and Weight Loss

Due to the number of obese people across the world, weight loss has become a major industry these days. Since the demand for weight loss products and solutions is extremely high, there are various people who have jumped on to the band wagon.

These people have minimal knowledge about weight loss, the human body, or fitness, and they have contributed largely to the myths that are floating around in the industry with regards to weight loss methods.

A large number of weight loss diets recommend that carbohydrates be removed from the diet if one wants to lose weight. Such drastic measures are only likely to lead to nutritional deficiencies and issues at a later date.

What is important is that you ensure that you read up on the fact from reliable sources in order to make sure that you are armed with the right information, and not information that weight loss solution proponents want you to believe.

The Importance of Carbs

Your body needs carbs to function. Carbs are the main sources of energy and are therefore necessary in specific quantities. The requirement for carbs differs based on the gender and age of an individual. While reducing the amount of carbs is good for the body, removing them completely from the diet is not recommended.

In addition to that, the ‘add ons’ that we add to breads, pasta, and rice like mayonnaise, butter, sour cream, and pasta sauces are what really add calories to the food.

Tips to Consume Carbs

Having established that carbs should not be removed from the diet completely, it is important to understand the manner in which you should include carbs in your daily diet. Here are some tips that you should consider:

  • Consume carbohydrates in moderate quantities and ensure that you get good helpings of vegetables, fruits and protein.
  • Do not cut back on the level of carbs that you are consuming all of a sudden. Reduce the amount slowly, but steadily till you reach the recommended level of carbs as a proportion of your total calories.
  • Avoid empty carbohydrates like white bread, wheat flour, white rice, and pasta. These have no nutritional value and only add to the calories you consume.
  • Processed foods that contain carbs are also likely to have higher levels of fat, salt, or sugar content, neither of which is good for your weight loss goals.
  • Watch out for sweetened juices. These contain high levels of sugar and need to be avoided totally if possible. Opt for healthy, freshly prepared juices.
  • If there are some kinds of empty carbs that you simply adore (like desserts), make it a weekly affair, and not a regular habit.
  • It is also recommended that the daily portion of carbs should be consumed early in the day so that they can be adequately digested during the course of the day.

In addition to consuming the right kinds of carbohydrates in the right quantities, it is also necessary that you exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and eat right. Read more about low carb diet