Scientifically Proven Ways to Stay Slim the Fun Way

Daily Mail - lose weight in a fun wayLosing weight does not always have to be boring and time consuming.

Most people associate weight loss with a rigid diet and exercise routine, but science has shed light on a whole new way to shed those unwanted pounds.

Working out and straining yourself all the time is not the answer, so fortunately for all of us, there are some very interesting ways in which you can lose weight. Click on the image above to read the article from Daily Mail!

For one, you can add cinnamon to yogurt or have some aggressive sex every night to lose some serious weight without going through the pain of getting back in shape. Here are the top 50 tricks that you can use to become a new, slimmer you:

  1. To understand the number of calories that you can eat daily, calculate your ideal weight in pounds and multiply it by 14.
  2. Cinnamon is great because it boosts our metabolism. If you do not have too much of this in your cooking, powder some cinnamon in a grinder and sprinkle it on your yogurt. About half a teaspoon every day helps you burn about a kilogram a month.
  3. Specific techniques in acupuncture can help in weight reduction. You can lose about 10 pounds in three months with this trick.
  4. Carrot juice aids weight loss too. It is high in fibre and also contains nutrients that help burn fat. To increase the effectiveness of your weight loss routine, start drinking carrot juice today.
  5. It has been seen that people who eat at their desk end up consuming about 250 more calories than those who eat away from their table.
  6. Get up in the morning and have a hearty laugh. Just ten to fifteen minutes of laughing helps in burning about 280 calories.
  7. Red meat eaten in moderation helps build muscle mass.
  8. Calcium supplements make your bones stronger and help you burn fat more effectively.
  9. Listening to music during workouts curbs boredom and fatigue.
  10. Red peppers contain capsaicin, which is a proven metabolic enhancer.
  11. Training with a friend helps you push yourself three times further than your exercise limit.
  12. Control stress, since it leads to binging and overeating.
  13. Eating about 250 grams of protein rich snacks can help you stay away from fried foods which can spell death for your diet.
  14. Try and schedule your exercise routine in the morning. This is far more efficient.
  15. Don’t watch the idiot box while eating. It makes you eat like an idiot too.
  16. Slice your food in portions to trick your brain into believing that you are eating more when you actually aren’t.
  17. The treadmill is probably the best way to lose weight.
  18. Soy sauce as an accompaniment makes you feel fuller and is an appetite suppressant of sorts.
  19. A great way to burn fat quickly is to have a breakfast comprising of a melon, followed by egg whites.
  20. Red wine can help you get a flat tummy since it is far better than beer.
  21. Pomegranate seeds prevent fat from being stored in your body. Incorporate this in your diet at least once a week, if not more.
  22. Use barbecue as a means of cooking since it allows the extra fat to trickle away.
  23. Reduce your snack cravings by chewing on sugar free gum.
  24. Listening to classical music while eating helps you chew your food slowly so that you take your time to finish a meal and feel full quickly.
  25. 20 minutes of sex can help you burn about 150 calories. There is no better way of burning calories than this method!
  26. Green tea helps in boosting the fat burning process.
  27. Kidney beans eaten once a week are good for you since they tell your body to break down fat instead of carbohydrates.
  28. Spinach provides twice the amount of fibre as compared to other greens.
  29. Consume good fats like walnuts, rapeseed, and eggs to burn fat.
  30. Lentils have leucine, an amino acid that helps burn fat.
  31. Goat cheese is the best cheese, as it has 40% less calories than other cheeses.
  32. Drink juices that have bits of fibre in them.
  33. Kick start your day with a good, healthy breakfast.
  34. Olive oil used in salads promotes a feeling of satiation.
  35. Borage seed oil capsules derived from safflower helps you slim down faster.
  36. Tomatoes in your sandwich prevent snack cravings.
  37. Consuming an apple about 15 minutes before a meal helps you eat less of your main meal.
  38. Opt for skimmed milk instead of full fat milk.
  39. Conjugated linoieic acid capsules have been proven to slow the growth rate of fat cells.
  40. Don’t sit down after an exercise routine. Walk around for a while to help your fat fighting enzymes work harder.
  41. Energy drinks make you fat. Avoid them like the plague.
  42. Completely banish processed foods from your diet.
  43. Blue corn tortilla chips help in releasing sugars slowly into your body, and their fibre content makes you feel fuller.
  44. Paprika contains vitamin C, which helps burn fat faster.
  45. To stabilize your metabolic rate, observe a gap of 3 hours before each meal.
  46. Bread with lupin seeds keeps you fuller for longer.
  47. Bromolina in pineapple makes the fruit a great and healthy snack.
  48. Vinegar based salad dressings are far better than mayonnaise dressings.
  49. Don’t have your meal while doing other chores. Sit down on the dining table and consume your meal properly.
  50. Eat with a friend who is not a foodie. Doing so will help you minimize your food intake.

Clipping was taken from the Daily Mail!