All You Need To Know About Proactol™

What makes Proactol the #1 weight-loss product?

Various review websites and customers who have used Proactol™ have adjudged it to be the most effective weight-loss product.

Some of the reasons that have contributed to Proactol™ success and its #1 status are:

•    Proactol™ gives permanent results – Now, this is something that not many weight-loss products can boast about. With Proactol™, you not only get fast and consistent results, but also permanent results.

•    Proactol™ is clinically tested – Proactol™ is clinically tested product that is also certified as a medical device product that can be used for weight management and obesity treatments.

•    Proactol™ offers 180 days money back guarantee -We know our product is the best and will provide you the desired results. To show that we back our product, we offer customers 180 days (6 months) full refund guarantee.

•    Proactol™ offers market-leading bonuses-By offering innovative and comprehensive bonuses, we ensure that you achieve maximum weight-loss in quick time.

What does the phrase “Proactol™ is a medically proven device product” signifies?

Proactol™ carries the CE stamp of approval. In other words, Proactol™ is safe for consumption and can be sold in any state.

Is Proactol™ 100% safe for long-term use?

Proactol™ is absolutely safe and uses 100% organic and natural ingredients. Proactol™ has passed all the guidelines laid down by the FDA for dietary supplements and EU Directive.

In other words, you can use Proactol™ on a long-term basis to achieve your weight-loss goals.

How soon I can expect results with Proactol™?

Proactol™ works for all. However, as every individual is different with different needs, results vary from individual to individual.

Our recommendation is that should take Proactol™ for 120 days to see tangible results. If you are unsatisfied (now, the chances of this happening are practically zero), they give you complete refund within 180 days.

Does Proactol™ yields result when used independently or to achieve weight reduction,

I need to use the product in conjunction with the program?

You don’t have to use Proactol™ along with any other program or product to achieve weight loss. Proactol™, alone will help you lose the extra pounds quickly and effectively.

However, to achieve even better results and that too in shorter time, we recommend our customers to use Proactol™ along with the program.

What do current customers have to say about Proactol™?

It is not only we, who say Proactol™ works for everyone. Proactol’s past and current customers are testimony to this claim. Moreover, many health and fitness experts all over the world think exactly the way we think: Proactol™ is the best.

Read their customers’ testimonials to know more how Proactol™ has changed their lives.

What is Proactol’s privacy and discretion policy?

They ship all  products in discreet packaging. In other words, there is no mention of the contents of the package. Your credit card statement will just reflect MC Lativio LLP or Proactol Ltd.

They strictly adhere to Data Protection Act of 1988 and have never sold personal information of our customers to any third party. Theyare Square Trade registered and the 128bit encryption technology that they use ensures that any transaction done with is completely safe from hackers.

Do you really provide free shipping?

Yes, they do. For orders of 2 months and more, you don’t need to pay the shipping charges. They will bear the shipping cost.

What is the maximum time frame till when I can use Proactol™?

Proactol™ is 100% safe for long-term use. You can use the product as long it takes for you to achieve the weight-loss goals that you had set for yourself. The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to exceed the maximum dose listed for Proactol™.

Why cannot I use Proactol™ if I am pregnant?

Clinical studies have not been done to establish if Proactol™ is 100% safe during pregnancy. That is why, we and Proactol  recommend customers to not use the product if pregnant.

What is the guarantee that Proactol™ will work for all?

Proactol™ is a clinically tested fat binder and should for work for everyone, irrespective of age or body type.

Is Proactol™ completely safe? Are there any side-effects of Proactol™?

Yes, Proactol™ is 100% safe. The only side-effect recorded till date is mild changes in stool consistency in some people.

Can I take Proactol™ with some other supplements, such as Creantine?

Yes, you can. It is safe to consume Proactol™ with other supplements. The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to take any other supplements two hours before and after you take Proactol™.

I am on prescribed medications. Can I still take Proactol™?

Generally, it is safe to consume Proactol™ with prescribed medications. However, in case you are on medication, we and Proactol’s team recommend you first consult your doctor before taking Proactol™. Also, remember that you should not consume any medication two hours before and after you take Proactol™.

Why do you recommend that Proactol™ must be taken with water?

We recommend that you take Proactol™ with water, as it will help you swallow the pill without any discomfort and prevent constipation.

What is the number of clinical studies carried out on Proactol™ and what were their results?

Six pre-clinical and clinical studies and numerous smaller studies have been carried out on Proactol™. All of the studies have confirmed Proactol™ to be a safe product and effective in weight-reduction.

Proactol™ is a clinically tested medical device product (MDD 93/42/EEC). It is 100% safe to use and will help you achieve the weight-loss you desire.

In case you have any additional query, feel free to call Proactol’s customer support at 1-800-388-9957 alternatively ring UK offices (country & area code included) 0044-115-9798-449 or email their support at

We guarantee that you will be provided with all the information that you want on Proactol™.