Prickly Pear Comes to the Rescue of Obese People

The prickly pear is probably best known for being one of the favourite foods of Baloo the Bear in the classic Disney Film The Jungle Book. However, there is much more to the fruit than Baloo.

Even though the prickly pear may not have helped Baloo lose his chubby frame, it is being considered as a great food to fight obesity. This fruit has properties that help in binding fat, which in turn leads to weight loss.

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The ancient Aztecs were known to have used this fruit in various ways. This cactus has medicinal properties that were harnessed by the Aztecs for centuries.

Scientists today have developed a new product called Proactol Plus which has been derived from the prickly pear.

Clinical results have proven that this product can actually bind fat and boost weight loss.

Proactol is packed into a pill that is supposed to be taken after a meal is consumed. Consumption of the tablet can help in ensuring that 30% more fat is eliminated from the body.

What this essentially means is that the tablet does not allow the body to absorb fat into the system, thereby reducing the proportion of actual fat intake.

While there are other weight loss supplements that claim to work in a similar manner, the scientists who have developed this tablet claim that it is different from the others available in the market today.

This product is completely organic and is derived from a plant. Therefore, it does not have any harmful chemicals or side effects either. However, these scientists are quick to point out that Proactol is not a miracle cure for obesity, and that a generally healthy lifestyle is still required to ensure that it works to its best capability.

Katie Downing-Howitt, Product Manager for Proactol, reaffirms that they are not selling it as a miracle cure for obesity. However, it has been proven in clinical trials to bind fat and reduce its absorption significantly.

In addition to this, some studies in the past had revealed that the prickly pear can also reduce the effect of hangovers. Read more about Proactol here.