Oblique Crunches

oblique crunchesDo you want to get rid of your belly fat? If yes, then one exercise that you must include in your workout regime is oblique crunches.

Read on to know why oblique crunches are the best exercise for burning belly fat and the different types of oblique crunches.

Having love handles or belly fat is embarrassing.

However, the good news is that you don’t need to perform a lot of exercises to get rid of this fat – oblique crunches are one of the best exercises to get rid of love handles, as well as the fat accumulated in the lower abdominal area.

Oblique crunches – An introduction

As you may know, our abdominal area constitutes four types of muscles, namely- transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and 2 oblique muscles.

Oblique muscles are located at the sides of the abdomen. Both the oblique muscles contain a pair of external oblique muscle and internal oblique muscle.

Crunches that target the two oblique muscles are referred to as oblique crunches. The most obvious difference between oblique crunches and normal sit-ups is that we bring the torso down soon after raising it above the ground in the latter, in oblique crunches, the torso is twisted so that the effect is felt only in the oblique muscles.

Read on to learn how to do oblique crunches:

  • Stability Ball Oblique Crunch – When you use a stability ball to do oblique crunches, you get more benefit from the exercise. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do oblique crunches on a stability ball-
  1. Lie on the stability ball with your mid-back resting on the surface of the stability ball.
  2. Place your feet firmly on the ground with shoulder width distance between them.
  3. Place your hands behind your head to support your neck. This is your starting position.
  4. Raise your back off the stability ball and twist toward the right while exhaling.
  5. Lower yourself gently to the starting position while inhaling.
  6. Raise yourself again and twist toward the left to complete one repetition.
  • Bench Twist – A bench twist is done on a declined bench. The following instructions take you through on how to do this exercise-
  1. Place the decline bench in a tilted position by increasing the height of the bench from one side.
  2. Lie on the declined bench on your back and lock your feet onto the bench.
  3. Place your right hand on your right thigh and left hand on the left ear. This is your starting position.
  4. Lift your upper body off the bench slowly, twist your torso, and bring your left elbow to your right knee.
  5. Go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise for the other side to complete one repetition.
  6. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise in the beginning. Increase the repetitions as your endurance level increases.
  • Simple oblique Crunch – For this exercise, you need an exercise mat. Refer to the instructions below to learn how to do simple oblique crunches-
  1. Lie on the exercise mat on your back.
  2. Bend your knees to place your feet firmly on the ground. Keep shoulder width distance between your feet.
  3. Place your right knee at the top of your left knee.
  4. Place your hands behind your head.
  5. Raise your upper body off the mat and curl it diagonally to your right.
  6. Perform 10 repetitions for the right side and then do the same number of repetitions for the left side.

Top 5 tips to perform Oblique Crunches

  • Exhale when you lift your body and inhale as you come down.
  • Raise your torso from the shoulder, and not from the neck.
  • Maintain a neutral spine position while doing oblique crunches to avoid putting extra strain on your back.
  • Do warm up exercises before starting oblique crunches.
  • Eat a balanced diet to increase the efficacy of oblique crunches.

It is essential that you follow the proper technique when doing oblique crunches. That is why we recommend that you perform oblique crunches as they as discussed in this article.