Increased Tax to Lower Fat consumption

Health experts have always warned individuals against the consumption of saturated fat, which is known to be associated with clogged arteries, heart disease, strokes, and premature death.

The Government is now taking a stance on the consumption of food products that contain a higher amount of saturated fat and wants to add VAT to these products.

This has been suggested by heath experts hired by the Government in an attempt to discourage consumers from buying these products.

fat saturated foodsFood items such as:

  • butter
  • cheese
  • sausages
  • burgers
  • chocolates

…(the saturated fat content per 100 grams ranges from 11 g in sausages to 52 grams in butter), which have, so far, been spared from the 17.5% VAT charge, will now cost more.

For instance, 250 grams of Lurpak butter will cost £1.60 as compared to the previous price of £1.36.

English cheddar cheese will show up on the bill as £3.95 as opposed to the previous charge of £3.36, and Richmond fresh sausages will cost £1.93 instead of £1.64.

Experts at the National Obesity Forum see this as a way to save thousands of lives each year, but critics from the Food and Drink Federation and Mark Wallace of the Taxpayers Alliance insist that even with this hike in price, consumers may continue to buy these products.

It remains to be seen whether this hike in price is an effective way to force consumers to choose healthier food options or is just an added burden on their wallets.

Will the trolleys get lighter, or will the grocery bill become longer?

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