HCG Levels

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is popularly known as the hormone that is vital for the maintenance of a pregnancy.

However, the role that thishormone can play in weight loss is not very widely known. Therefore, it is recommended that you become aware of how this diet plan works and know the restrictions associated with itbefore you go ahead and decide to try it.

The HCG levels taken by dieters are limited to 125-200 IU andcan be administered in the form of injections or HCG drops. The HCG levels administered to dieters in one of these forms are just enough to help mobilize the stubborn fat stored in certain parts of the body and use it as energy.

This is the reason why dieters are asked to follow a 500 calorie diet during this phase. In the absence of extra fat in the diet, the body is forced to use the energy stored in the fat cells, as a result of which people start losing weight.

A few guidelines need to be kept in mind while this routine is followed:

  • Dieters must stick to the recommended dose of HCG levels if they want to benefit from this diet. HCG injections must be administered by a health professional as it can result in bruising if not administered properly.
  • One should be aware of the side effects associated with this diet before following it. Some of the side effects include headaches, dizziness, mood swings, prolonged bleeding, water retention, confusion, and even depression.
  • The HCG diet can last from anywhere between 20 days to 40 days. While following this routine, dieters have to particular about their diet and about maintaining the recommended HCG levels in the body.
  • The diet plan depends on the amount of weighta dieter wants to lose. If the diet is to be extended for a significant length of time, it is recommended that dieters take a break and resume theirregular diet before going back to the HCG diet.
  • Along with HCG levels, dieters are put on a strict 500 calorie diet. This helps them lose weight at a faster pace and burn their stubborn fat.
  • Dieters are also advised to avoid vigorous exercise whilefollowing this diet. The HCG levels in the body can only work if dieters consumejust 500 calories daily. In the event that a dieter starts exercising vigorously, he/she may end up feeling hungry or fatigued during this routine and not benefit from the HCG diet.
  • There are other advantages of following the HCG diet. This includes protection against high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and high blood cholesterol, gallstones, and certain other health conditions.

Before starting the HCG diet, people have to make sure that they procure the HCG injections or drops only from an authentic source.

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