HCG for Weight Loss

What is the most effective way to lose that stubborn fat that seems to latch onto your glutes and thighs and seems impossible to shed?

There is no diet plan that works for everyone, but the HCG for weight loss diet is one that is fast gaining popularity the world over. However, you first need to know why this diet plan is so special as compared to other diet plans.

For one, this diet plan is meant for individuals who want to lose more than 20 pounds of stubborn fat that never seems to go away. Secondly, this plan does not require a vigorous exercise or long-term diet plan that dieters may have a hard time sticking to.

Thirdly, it allows the individual to get a head start on his/her weight loss routine that is easier to maintain once the additional 20-30 pounds are lost.

The HCG for weight loss diet relies on the property of the HCG hormone to mobilize the stubborn fat that is stored in certain parts of the body. This plan works as long as the dieters maintain a strict calorie intake and no exercise routine.

hcg injectionsBoth men and women who want to lose over 20 pounds of body fat can take HCG injections.

Apart from the weight loss, HCG can also help in alleviating conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart trouble, and so on.

The highlight of the HCG for weight loss plan is that dieters can experience progressive weight loss right from the outset.

Dieters can end up losing anywhere between 1-2 pounds on a daily basis and up to 30 pounds during the course of the plan.

Seeing these results in such a short span of time also motivates them to maintain their weight once the diet plan is over.

Dieters can choose to continue this diet plan for more than one session. In order to do this, they are recommended to give their body some rest in between by maintaining a normal diet and exercise schedule and then restart the HCG diet plan.

There are many positive reviews obtained from dieters who have lost a significant amount of weight by using the HCG for weight loss plan. One main advantage for dieters is that they start feeling energetic once the excess weight is lost and can resume their normal eating and exercise routine after the HCG for weight loss plan.

However, a few factors need to be considered before you start the HCG for weight loss plan. Dieters need to be aware of the side effects associated with this diet. Many complain of dizziness or irritability while they are on this diet.

Others side effects include prolonged bleeding and breast enlargement in men. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before you start this plan and make sure that you seek help if these side effects persist for a while.

In addition, one should be careful about procuring HCG products only from reliable sources before he/she starts the diet.

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