Important Aspects of Grapefruit Diet

grapefruit dietGrapefruit diet recommends the intake of a prescribed quantity of grapefruit or grapefruit juice with each meal of the day.

Reports of various medical studies involving grapefruit diet have proved its benefits as weight reducing diet.

Before you go further to consider this weight loss diet, here are some basic aspects you must read carefully about it.

History of Grapefruit Diet

While grapefruit was discovered in the mid of 18th century, the grapefruit diet was acknowledged for weight loss benefits in the 1930s. However, the diet gained popularity in the 1970s when various studies related to its use were conducted worldwide. Today, grapefruit diet taken with immense care is considered among most talked about weight loss diets.

Basic Working Concept

There are many theories that are used to explain the basic concept of grapefruit diet for weight loss. One of the theories says that grapefruit has enzymes that combine with food protein and fats to increase the calories burning process inside the body.

Another theory explains that grapefruit components work to reduce the level of body insulin that further activates the weight loss process.

However, the best argument that supports weight loss benefits of grapefruit diet is that it cuts down the intake of calories from other sources. Grapefruit is rich in fibre content and has very low content of carbohydrates, sodium and many other nutrients. To learn more about this, you must learn about the grapefruit diet plan.

Grapefruit Diet Plan

The grapefruit diet plan recommends intake of half a grapefruit or 4 ounces of grapefruit juice with each of the 3 meals you have during the day. The plan restricts the intake of calories from the foods like sweet fruits and vegetables, sugar, cereals and grains.The diet plan lasts for 12 days.

Here are some other recommendations of this diet plan:

  • No meal should be skipped and calories intake of up to 1200 should be maintained.
  • There is no need to cut down the intake of fats, as these are required to combine with grapefruit enzymes to increase weight loss rate.
  • No snacking is allowed in between the meals, but one snack at night is allowed.
  • The plan recommends intake of up to eight glasses of water every day.
  • Finally, there are some recommended food items that must be eaten along with this diet plan. Some of them include eggs, broccoli, meat, red onions, spinach, fish, bacon, corn and so on.

Some Important Things

Grapefruit is capable of interfering with some medications, so you need to consult an expert before taking grapefruit diet and medications simultaneously. Women above the age of 45 are generally not recommended the diet because of their developed sensitivity towards citruses.

Due to high acidic content, grapefruit may not be suitable for people with regular stomach problems. The diet should not be continued for more than recommended number of days.

It is important to monitor your weight regularly while being on the grapefruit diet. In general, the diet has been reported to reduce weight by 10 pounds within the 12-day course.