Effective Ab Exercises that Women can do at Home

Every woman wants to have perfect abs and a flat tummy that they can flaunt. It makes them miserable if they cannot wear some of their favourite dresses or gowns because of their paunch.

Along with a flawless skin tone and shiny hair, women aspire to have a perfect body as well. Women often resort to severe weight loss diets or spend hours at the gym without getting the results they want.

Instead of spending hours complaining at home or getting depressed, it is time to take some active measures and try exercises that actually work. You do not need to spend time at the gym to get flat abs.

Rather than waste energy envying other women around you or getting frustrated by trying to starve yourself, try some simple exercises at home. You do not need any fancy equipment or hours to follow this exercise regime. You just need a mat, and all you have to do is to follow simple instructions to get the perfect flat abs you want.

What are the Best Ab Exercises that Women Can do at Home?

Try some of these exercises to develop flat abs at home –

Exercise #1: Keep your back straight and lie on your back so that your hands are placed beneath your hips, palms facing down. Now, raise your legs so that they are placed at a 30 degree angle to the rest of your body.

Hold your legs in that position for a few seconds. Now, raise the legs a little further and hold it in that position for a few more seconds. The last step is to raise your legs so that they are at a right angle to your body and to again hold it for 5 seconds. The next step involves lowering your legs slowly so that they are back to the straight position. Repeat this exercise. Doing this exercise regularly helps tone the waist.

Exercise #2: Keep the same flat posture for this exercise as well. Take a deep breath and hold your stomach in tight. Hold your breath and release it slowly, relaxing your stomach at the same time. This in combination with the other exercises can also show positive results.

Exercise #3: For this exercise, lie flat on your back and fold your knees. Your hands should be behind the head. Now, slowly lift your shoulders and take it off the ground. Hold your abs tight while doing this exercise. Repeat this exercise a few times in sets of three. If you want, you can also rest your legs on the couch or under the couch for better support. If you are doing this exercise with a partner, you can even ask him/her to hold your legs while you do this exercise.

Exercise #4:This bicycle exercise can be done while lying flat on your back and with your legs moving in a bicycle position. Doing this exercise regularly can help women lose weight and get a flat tummy.

Exercise #5:For this exercise, raise your feet so that it is at a 45 degree angle to your body. Make sure that your legs are straight and not bent at the knees. With the legs placed this way, lift your shoulders so that you feel a pressure on your tummy. Your hands should be placed in front for balance. Hold this position as long as you can. Move to your original position and repeat these exercises a few times. You might not be able to do many repetitions at first, but slowly increase the reps to 5 or more.

Try these Lower Ab Exercises at Home

Women have to also work on their lower abdomen to the flat abs they want. For these exercises, an exercise ball will be required. Try to repeat these exercises at least 5 times at first and slowly raise the bar and do them in three sets consisting of 15 repetitions. The lower ab exercises are as follows:

Exercise #1: Place the exercise ball under your back and lie down on it. Curl up on the ball and do crunches. Make sure that the ball does not move while doing this exercise. Though this is a tough exercise to perform, it can give fantastic results when it is done effectively.

Exercise #2: Place your hands under your back and stretch your legs while bending them at the knee. The legs should be in a position such that it is placed parallel to the floor. Hold your stomach tight and bring your legs close to the stomach while also holding your abs tight. Each time you repeat this movement, you should feel your stomach muscles tighten even more.

Exercise #3: Keep your back flat and body straight while doing this exercise. Raise your legs one at a time. Hold each leg in a straight position (90 degrees to your body), hold, and lower it to the straight position. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.

Exercise #4: Maintain a sitting position with your legs stretched out for this exercise. Now, while bending forward, making sure that only your waist is bent and the legs are kept straight; try to reach your toes this way. Hold your stomach in tight while doing this exercise. The same exercise can also be done standing up.


Exercise #5: This exercise is also done sitting up with the legs placed straight, but apart. Now hold your toes by bending at the waist so that the forehead touches the ground.

This exercise routine is great for the abs; it gives women the sexy abs they want, but along with these routines, women also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. Maintain a regular routine if you want to see promising results and get the sexy abs you want.