Chest Workout without Weights for Building Muscles

While weight training is best for building muscle mass, there are exercises that are performed without weights and are equally beneficial.

Chest exercises that do not involve weights are best when you get tired of the monotony of a gym workout. Use these exercises to keep your body in good shape till you go back to your regular gym workouts:

Chest Expanding

This is the easiest of all chest exercises that can be performed without weights. Stand straight with arms folded at your chest, feet roughly a foot and half apart, and knees slightly bent. Extend your arms slowly till they are fully stretched with palms facing up, inhaling all the while.

Hold for five seconds and bring your arms back to their original folded position at the chest, exhaling all the way. Hold for a few seconds before repeating. Perform at least 10 repetitions. Inhaling and exhaling are important for this exercise; make sure that you expand your chest to the fullest while inhaling.

Chair Dips

This exercise is good not only for building your chest muscles, but also for strengthening your arms. Place a chair with its back close to a wall for better stability. With hands behind your back, place your palms (close together) on the edge with elbows pointing out. Bend your elbows back and slightly sideways so as to lower your body with the back always close to the chair. It is important that your body is angled slightly forward to perform this exercise correctly.


Swimming works on the entire body. Swim for at least 30 minutes using different strokes. This will ensure that all the muscles are worked upon. Swimming is an aerobic exercise and is great for building muscles. The breaststroke and freestyle are particularly recommended for those who want to firm up their upper body. It is also a good chest exercise for women.

Push Ups

This is a great exercise and should be a part of every chest workout regardless of whether you are training with or without weights. Lie flat on your stomach, palms down, legs straight, and feet pressed together.

Slowly raise yourself up with the support of your palms with elbows away from the body. It is easy to perform push ups only when your body is the correct position, which, in this case, requires your palms to be directly under your shoulders. Eight push ups should be enough for beginners.

Pull Ups

While you do not need weights for pull ups, you may have to go to the gym for this because it requires holding a bar. With hands at shoulder width, grip the bar with your palms facing you. Remember to hold the bar with your weight to avoid injury. With the body in a straight upright position, raise yourself up till your chin is above the bar. Perform 8 repetitions for best results.

These are the five best chest exercises that can be performed without weights. Ensure that you use the correct technique to avoid injury. The number of repetitions you do depend on your tolerance level and should be increased gradually.