Five Chest Toning Exercises for Women for Uplifting Breasts

It is important for women to perform chest exercises so as to attain firm breasts. However, many women mistakenly believe that chest exercises lead to a flat-chested appearance.

The reality is that exercises meant for women not only uplift sagging breasts, but will also strengthen shoulders and improve their posture. Female chest exercises are different and have more repetitions than those recommended for men. Another interesting fact is that female chest exercises can be performed at home.

The best five chest toning exercises for women are given below:

Push Ups

Lie flat on your stomach with your arms folded, legs extended, palms facing down, and hands directly under the shoulders. Raise your body up with your feet pressed together. Hold at this position for a few seconds, ensuring that the back is flat; contract your stomach muscles a few times before lowering your body by bending the elbows. Count to five before you raise your body again. Repeat eight to ten times.

Medicine Ball Push Ups

Get into the push up position with knees bent and the body in line with the abdominal muscles. With one hand on the floor and the other on the ball, raise yourself up. Push the ball to the other hand and lower the body down. Using the same procedure, bring the ball back to the other hand so that the ball keeps rolling. Start with six repetitions and slowly progress to ten reps.

Resistance Band Chest Presses

As the name suggests, this exercise is performed with a resistance band wrapped around a pole. Stand in front of the pole. Your distance should be only as much as you feel a slight tension in the band.

Hold the band with palms facing down and pull forward as you contract your chest muscles. Ensure that you do not bend your elbows. Release the tension in the band by letting the hands go back. You may use both hands or perform this exercise with one hand at time. Start with ten reps.

Chest Fly Using a Stability Ball

Your position is important for performing this exercise. Sit on a stability ball and roll down so that you are now lying on your back with the head on the ball. Bend your legs in way that your ankles are directly under the knees and your hips are in a straight line with the upper body. Hold the dumbbells in both hands with your palms facing each other. Raise the dumbbells with arms held straight. Hold, count to sixty, and then lower the dumbbells slowly. Perform six repetitions.

Incline Push Ups

Lie down on an inclined bench or a table with legs spread. Hold dumbbells in each hand and lift them up with extended arms without bending your arms. Hold for a few seconds and then lower the dumbbells to your side. Repeat six to eight times.

No matter what exercise routine you follow, remember that it is important that you perform all exercises in the correct positions and that you do some simple stretches before and after a workout.