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Yet another diet pill manufactured and distributed by “Advanced Health LTD”. Capsiplex originally was launched back in the January 2009.

It is only very recently when manufacturers introduced a brand new formulation and brought out Capsiplex Plus.

Now, when buying Capsiplex Plus you get an additional bottle of Capsiplex 5-HTP Pro. 5-HTP is a chemical that our bodies make from tryptophans (essential amino acid, which we get when consuming food).

It is not found in any foods we eat, and this is where this weight loss supplement stands out. 5-HTP helps to increase serotonin and has shown some fantastic results.

Where to Buy Capsiplex Plus in the UK?

Capsiplex Plus can only be purchased from the official online store. It is distributed by the following Company:

Advanced Health LTD Advanced Health LTD
18 Payne Street, Port Dundas
Glasgow, G4 0LF
United Kingdom
Great Britain
0208 454 7481

Benefits of 5-HTP in Capsiplex Plus

As serotonin helps regulating behavior and mood, according to manufacturers 5-HTP may have affirmative effect on the following:

Capsiplex slimming pills and Capsiplex appetite suppressor for weight loss bottles

    • Sleep
    • Mood
    • Anxiety
    • Appetite
    • And Carbohydrate Control

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There is no dearth of weight loss products and programs in market that claim to solve your problems like a magic potion. If there is any substance in these products, it’s in the marketing strategy and nothing else.

There are manufactures that spend more money on marketing weight loss products than on improving the effectiveness of their products.

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capsiplex rated

Capsiplex and MediaCapsiplex Plus is one of the rare products in the market that is backed by scientific proof.

It’s well endorsed by many celebrities, and people wonder as to how Capsiplex is able to burn calories so quickly and does it actually work.

An incredibly popular product, Capsiplex as  mentioned in one of the newspapers “Daily Mail” back in 2010.

NHS sold it out in just a few weeks and manufacturers faced some serious problems with their stock.

How does Capsiplex Plus work?

Before taking any weight loss supplement; one of the most important things is to understand how the actual product works. In the case of Capsiplex, it’s pretty simple and easy to understand.

Scientific studies conducted over last 30 years have shown that capsicum, a red hot pepper, is an extremely beneficial ingredient for weight management. Studies were conducted on animals as well as humans, and the results suggest that red hot peppers hold enormous potential as weight loss ingredients.

The consumption of capsicum or capsacinoids will help you with the following:

  • Reduction in overall calorie intake.
  • Stimulates speedier oxidation of carbohydrates and fat.
  • Enhances the rate at which energy is consumed within the human body.
  • You can burn around 278 calories everyday with the help of this product.
  • Quick reduction in waist circumference.
  • Speedy recovery of various health parameters including insulin, blood glucose, and triacylglycerol.

Capsiplex Plus Ingredients:

  • Capsiplex Plus consists of capsicum or red hot peppers, which has been used in cooking for several hundred years now.
  • Capsaicinoids refer to the family of compounds that are responsible for the spiciness of red hot peppers. As mentioned above, capsicum has been found to be extremely beneficial as a weight loss ingredient.
  • It’s difficult or nearly impossible to consume capsicum extract directly, but the manufacturers of Capsiplex Plus made it possible.


Pros: You get to enjoy superb weight loss attributes of capsicum without any sort of oral or gastric irritation. It has been possible due to the Proprietary Patented Matrix of excipients and coatings.


Cons: There are no shortcomings of this product except that it doesn’t work like a magic wand. It’s real!

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The Final Word: Capsiplex Plus can make you confident to go out to parties, participate in social gatherings, and hang out with friends once again. It simply gives you energy and lets you lose the weight in one of the most natural possible ways.

The product has been extremely popular, and you may need to wait a few days more to get your hands on it (we have been informed by one of the Capsiplex representatives that this is no longer the case) .

As we have already mentioned you can burn as much as 278 calories per day by using this product, and if it really works for everyone then that is well impressive!

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