All You Need to Know About the Cabbage Soup Diet

cabbage soup diet planPeople have become very conscious about their health and the way they look.

Everyone is careful about what they eat these days and the amount of exercise they can get in their daily routine.

Everyone is eager to get into shape and reach their ideal weight and maintain it by following a healthy lifestyle.

There are ways in which one can calculate his/her ideal weight. Being both overweight and underweight can cause health problems in individuals.

In addition, the level of energy and stamina in the body also depends on the fitness level and the kind of food one eats.

An improper diet may be one of the main reasons why a person may not be fit and either becomes overweight or loses energy and stamina. The secret of fitness, however, does not depend on one factor alone.

The amount of calories and the exercise routine one needs to follow to keep fit depend on the age, gender and fitness level for the individual. Therefore, before trying out any changes in the diet or exercise routine, one should consult a health professional. This is especially true in case an individual is suffering from any major illness or health issue.

Fad diets have always been very well-liked

Cabbage SoupTwo main examples of such diets include the cabbage soup diet and General Motors diet. Both these diets are somewhat similar and popular because of their short duration.

The cabbage soup diet plan is usually designed for 7 days and involves the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and of course, cabbage soup, which is the main component of the plan that is to be consumed every day.

The cabbage soup recipe consists of cabbage and other vegetables like carrot and celery and should not include any fats like cheese or oil.

The diet plan is outlined below:

Day 1: Fresh fruits and cabbage soup: On the first day of the diet, individuals are allowed to have all fruits except bananas along with the cabbage soup.Day2: Fresh Vegetables and cabbage soup: On the second day of the diet, people are recommended to have vegetables including potatoes, but cannot have fruits.

Day 3: Fruits, vegetables and cabbage soup: On the third day of the diet, you are advised to have all the fruit and vegetables you want except potatoes and bananas.

Day 4: Banana and Cabbage soup: On the fourth day, you can have up to eight bananas with milk, along with cabbage soup.

Day 5: Beef and Tomatoes: Meat is allowed on the fifth day of the diet along with tomatoes.  You are allowed to have up to 10 ounces of beef.

Day 6: Beef, vegetables and cabbage soup – On the sixth day of the diet, you can have an unlimited amount of beef along with all vegetables except potatoes.

Day 7: On the seventh day of the diet, individuals are allowed to have fruit juice and cabbage soup, along with vegetables and brown rice. Potatoes, however, cannot be consumed on the seventh day.

While following this diet, people have to consume as much soup as possible so that they do not feel hungry. In addition, fats like cheese, oil, butter, etc. should be completely avoided.

Popularity of the Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is popular because of several reasons. Firstly, the diet does not require much preparation. Besides cabbage soup, one does not need to prepare any food. The second reason for its popularity is that it only lasts for 7 days. The individual can repeat this diet in intervals if he/she wants to lose more weight.

Concerns about the Cabbage Soup Diet

Although this diet is very popular and has been tried by thousands of people across the globe, physicians have expressed some concerns about this diet. They feel that this diet does not contain enough protein, and if continued for a long time, it could adversely affect a person’s health.

In addition, some people feel dizzy and weak while following this dietplan, which is attributed to the quick and sudden weight loss seen during this time. Some individuals also claim that although they lose weight because of this diet, they quickly regain the weight back shortly after stopping the diet.

Many people tend to eat heavily after they are done with the diet because they feel starved. This may reverse the beneficial effects of the diet.

rapid weight lossRapid weight loss is harmful for the body. Physicians recommend that in order to lose weight and stay fit, one should watch his/her diet and maintain a regular exercise routine. If you consume high calorie foods but do not exercise adequately, you tend to accumulate the excess calories and fat in your body.

This fat is stored in the body and is hard to get rid of.

Fad diets help kick start the weight loss process but may not be very healthy for the individual. On the other hand, there are people who have benefitted from this diet and claim that there is a science behind this particular diet.

Although the results of the cabbage soup diet plan may differ for everyone, those suffering from major illnesses and health problems should not try this diet.

If you have any concerns or feel weak during the course of the diet, it is better to go back to your normal eating habits or consult your physician for advice.