A look at Obesity

Obesity is a problem that has affected a large number of people around the world. Americans are perhaps the worst affected by this condition, as more than 31% of the total population have been found to be obese in some way.

What would you do if you found yourself edging toward obesity? Your eating and lifestyle habits are of utmost importance in this regard, and you should really look at how you can improve your way of living for the better.

What causes obesity?

Eating more than the body requires is the simple cause of obesity. It is a classified chronic condition that is mostly dependant on the person itself rather than on external factors. Apart from eating too much, eating the wrong foods also leads to obesity.

The right body weight

The right body weight is calculated keeping in mind the height and the weight of the person. This can be measured by calculating your body mass index or BMI.  If your BMI is between 25 to 29.9 you fall in the overweight category and if your body mass index is above 30 then you will be considered as obese. Diabetes, hypertension and many cardiovascular conditions are common in people who have a BMI of 25 or more.

Getting rid of it

Losing that extra weight is not the only solution, as the causes for obesity are many and very complex. There needs to be a program that incorporates the psychological aspects of how obesity came about in the first place. Consult an experienced professional or a physician before starting out on any regime.

Remember that weight loss is not a cakewalk. Make sure you check up on the product or service that promises weight loss before you spend your hard earned money on the same. Diet pills with unrealistic claims are a no-no on any given day. Also remember that if you push your body too hard initially, it will become fatigued.

Don’t go for extreme solutions, as they will be harder to maintain. Choose a weight loss program or package that gives you your energy requirements and helps you optimize your lifestyle. It should look at more than just thinning you down, only to fatten you again.

Sleep cycles are also an all important part of a successful weight loss program. It also helps control obesity to a large extent if you follow the ‘8 hours of sleep a day’ schedule.