A Day’s Calories…. in One Burger

You can leave it to fast food chains to come up with new ideas to attract customers- or, should we be saying, new unhealthy ideas.

It is common knowledge that a lot of research is being done on weight loss, and a lot of money is being spent on promoting healthy eating habits and combating obesity. The irony is that no matter how hard we try, fast food chains are all out to tempt us with new ideas that we must try regardless of the health risks involved.

pizza burgerThe latest in the line of offerings is a 9½ inch New York Pizza Burger from Burger King.

The food chain, however, has shown mercy on British waistlines because their newest offering is available only in New York.

Still, if you want an idea of what it would look like, then imagine a beef burger the size of four of their offerings known as Whoppers.

It is a mix of a pizza and burger, arranged like a pizza with toppings that include pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and Tuscan pesto and marinara sauce. To give it the look of a burger, it is topped with a sesame seed bun!!!

And here is an idea of all that it will deliver to your body. The pizza burger has 144g of fat, out of which 59g is saturated fat. It contains double the amount of salt that you are supposed to consume in a day and more calories (2520 calories) than you are allowed to consume in a day.

If you think that your daily workout will burn all that fat, you would do well to keep in mind that you will have to jog for four hours just for that one meal that you could not resist.

The fast food chain is promoting the pizza burger as a shared meal, but how effective the ‘family burger’ idea will be is yet to be seen. What is evident is that it is products like these that are providing the required fillip to campaigns geared to modify our eating habits and lifestyles and fight the obesity epidemic.

It is no wonder then, that the latest health trends now hover around making healthy food choices such as cooking at home, weightlifting, and paying special attention to nutritional information on labels and menus.

Other healthy trends include providing healthier snack options in vending machines and educational programs for families on how to live a healthier life.

In addition to all this, the government too has launched awareness campaigns to share information on the health benefits of eating a balanced and healthy diet and having an active lifestyle.